Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Anything by Carmen Rodriques

Susie (Susan) Shannon is a girl from Miami, the city of glitz and glamour, right? But for Susan its just normal and not glamour at all. Miami means endless zipcodes and mega huge high schools where you can feel terribly lost.
Her mom has died years ago, and she lives with her dad who is very occupied by his work. Susan wants a boyfriend, but somehow she still doesn't have one. And why is her best friend missing in abscensce now she needs her the most?
But her fate changes when she meets Danny Diaz, a guy from school who she is tutoring with his homework. Her teacher said he hoped that Susie would change Danny's grades, but wit his grades, Danny is changing Susie's life now she has a crush on him..

I thought Not Anything was a very sweet novel for young teens. The story was a little thin and honestly I expected a bit more of it. But overall it was very realistic and Susie was a character I really could relate to and I loved to read how she handled everything with her crush on Danny. Nice, light and quick in-between read!


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