Monday, May 4, 2009

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Phoebe Swift has just realised her dream to open and own a vintage designer dresses boutique . And immediately in the start of the story we come to know the fact that her best friend Emma has died, and during the story we learn more about the facts of this tragic event.

We also meet Phoebe's mother, who is always looking for away to look younger, Miles and Roxy, a whealthy father and daughter with a sad past, and Annie, Phoebe's new part-time shop assistant. Phoebe is a real expert in vintage clothing, as she has worked in the well known Sotheby's. She gets a lot of new offers for vintage clothes and accesoires, also from eldery ladies.

One day she gets a call from a French lady, Therese, and she has vintage dresses for Phoebe's shop. Phoebe visits her and when she is watching the dresses in the Therese's wardrobe, she spots a lovely looking blue coat, in a child size. Therese has just told Phoebe that she doesn't had children, and that this coat is special to her for a particular reason. Phoebe gets curious, and soon the sadly seriously ill Therese tells her the story of the little blue coat, that she saved for her friend Monique, when they where children and friends in Avignon, France, during World War two. Monique was Jewish and accidentally Therese had bring danger to her friend, and because of that Monique was discovered and brought to Auschwitz. Therese still feels very quilty about it and has tried to find out what had happened to Monique after that, but without result, and Therese then assumed Monique did not survive the war..
and because of this, Phoebe finds a way change her own life and find peace with what happened to her best friend Emma.
There is also a lot of lovely romance in the book, when Phoebe meets Miles at bidding for Vintage dresses, a romance is born. But what is wrong with his daughter Roxy?

I bought this book last week, it was in a bargain in my bookstore. And am I happy I found and bought this book!!!! Sometimes you just run into books that are absolutely perfect. A Vintage Affair is one of the few books I just thought where outstanding good. It's like fitting a dress that fits you perfectly. It looks like a very sweet romantic comedy on the outside (I just love that cover with the pink dress and the seventies background!) And it is romantic , but it has also a more deeper and serious part , (the story of Therese and her friend Monique)perfectly blended in that. I just couldn't put it down, it was absolutely fantastic and amazing!!
Watch here a video with author Isabel Wolff about the book;


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